5 how winter of prevention, the treatment freezing hands

In winter many people easy to freezing hands, feet and ears, form frostbite and painful and itchy, some even ulcerating infection. The cause of frostbite born except the weather cold factors outside, still a important factors, is and blood circulation has close relationship. Winter the movements of the people less, blood circulation, slow metabolism, especially the back of hand, ears, feet, easy to produce the blood stasis caused local tissue, causing frostbite. 

4 cabbage celery eat together can thin leg

Cabbage contains rich beta carotene, vitamin C, are all antioxidants, is an important weapon for the skin; Celery of be the bowel, aid in the digestion, to lower body dropsy, adorn leg ministry curve has vital role.

Like the model T stage, in the eyes of the natural freely, wriggling slim waists, slender legs to "measure" potpourri of life, sprinkle the vigor of youth,

3 before motion can eat pasta

To receive good sport effect, might as well eat pasta before exercise! Recently, the United States "prevention magazine published a study found, pasta can make you during exercise to achieve best state.

In the low intensity exercise, the quantity of heat of human body need mainly by fat and carbohydrate produce. If is intense campaign, energy demand

1 food color for the influence of the mood

Women often choose to pig out food reduced pressure method to vent the agony of their own heart. This you also want to eat to just go, the color of a food, can affect your mood.According to relevant experts, all kinds of colour to the mood of the influence of the food is different, joy, anger, sorrow and happiness is people the most common four emotions, and different colors of food has adjust and improve the function of the mood. Experts point out that

2 use water machine water really health

Will a 8 into a new water machine back cover to unpack them about 10 cm in diameter high of about 20 centimeters of heating form gall, can see attachment of gray paste the bladder present eyes.

This layer of white matter is "scale", which encourages the growth of millions of bacteria, residues or even red worm, constant drink this